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Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of high specification rubber mouldings to a large spectrum of industries including the mining, food, general manufacturing, transport, defence, earthmoving and agricultural industries throughout South Africa and Internationally.
Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd can offer products in a variety of polymers from natural to synthetic rubbers.

A variety of 3 350 rubber moulds produce Impact Beams, Elastomeric Bridge Bearings, Anti-vibration Mountings and Rubber Buffers, rubber to metal bonding, sheeting, extrusions and tubing. We provide seals, gaskets, mountings and grommets. We also provide over the counter sales offering standard rubber components i.e. sheeting, insertion rubber, grommets, seals, mountings, buffers, bushes and in-house products.

Design and Development
We offer assistance to customers in the design and development of their own products.
A large part of our products are manufactured according to customer designs and specifications. Supplying rubber compounds to various other rubber companies, where customers rely on Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd for quality, consistency and service.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures a wide range of rubber Buffers, produced using the specially formulated rubber compound and according to customer specification and requirements for a variety of screen machines applications.


Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Die-Cut Gaskets made from a variety of materials for application in all areas where sealing and fluid controls is required. In Non-Asbestos, Rubber, Cork & Fibre composites, etc.

Food and Packaging

Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd have a wide range of Frame Gaskets and Seals in Food Quality Rubber Compounds for the Food Packaging industry and various other products supplied to the food manufacturing organisations.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd agricultural engine components are exposed to a variety of substances, the most corrosive of which is chemical in nature. We have wide range of products Seals and other rubber parts according to customer requirements.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures Seals, Bushes, Gaskets and other sensitive and critical parts for the Aviation sector most common are ball screw seals, and bearing shields used in control surface actuators and various rotary shaft seals.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures Couplings, Seals, Connectors, Separators, Connector Sleeves, Compression Rings and other sensitive products for High and Low voltage equipment and machinery under severe and elevated conditions.

Anti Vibration

Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures Mountings, Pads, Bushes, Sandwich Mountings and more which can be used in solving vibration, noise and shock control and acoustic problems making the working environment more pleasant than ever.

Fluid Sealing

When it comes to finding top quality and cost effective fluid sealing technology, Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd have Polymer Valve Components, Flange Elastomers, Pump Boots, Boot Seals, Couplings, Bearings, Diffusers, Diaphragms, Seals and a range of Piston Seals.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures Loco Bellows, Mountings, Adaptors and other sensitive and critical products for the Rail sector. Our Rail Rubber products have proven to withstand heavy truck traffic.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures wide range of rubber Mountings, Seals, Gaskets, Rubber Blocks, Chocks, Lamp Holders and more for the Transport, Earthmoving Machinery, Defense Vehicles and the like.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures a wide range of products including Rubber to Metal bonding, Seals, Grommets, Bellows, PVC Dipped Bellows of various sizes and dimensions, Rubber Sheeting, Extrusions and Tubing and more for the Mining, Food and General Industries.


Delta Rubber (Pty) Ltd manufactures Elastomeric Bridge Bearing pads and Pot Bearings which are used in the construction of Bridges, Buildings and other Structures requiring such applications. Testing carried out on a in-house testing machine.